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Chipper Jones Game-Used Cards (Have List)


These are the game-used cards I have of Chipper Jones.  These are mostly for my Personal Collection--only to be traded for my PC needs (game-used or autographed cards from my want-list).  If you intend to contact me about trading for any of these cards please check to see that you have something game-used or autographed from my want-list to offer.
Additionally, cards with an asterisk (*) following them will be harder to pry from my PC.  Card with NFT following them can leave my hands when I am dead or have traded up considerably for PC items from my want-list.

-2005 Fleer Patchworks Property of Atlanta Braves jsy (White--112/199)
-2002 Upper Deck Retro/Then and Now jsy #R-CJ (white) (2000)
-2002 Upper Deck Retro Star Rookie jsy #SR-CJ (grey)
-2005 Topps Pack Wars jsy #PWR-CJ (grey)
-2005 Leaf Certified Matls Gold Team dual jsy #GT-4 (grey/grey—046/100)
-2004 Playoff Honors Playoff Collection jsy #PC-17 (white—06/50)
-2002 UD Ovation Swatches jsy #O-CJ (Grey)
-2003 Flair Diamond Cuts jsy #DC-CJ (white)
-2002 eX Behind the Numbers game worn jsy (grey)
-2003 Fleer Focus Team Colors jsy-edition #TC-CJ (grey)\
-2005 Fleer Showcase Measure of Greatness game-worn jsy (grey—159/340)
-2003 Donruss Gamers Game-worn jsy #G-10 (Grey—017/100)
-2009 Allen and Ginter jsy (white)
-2007 Topps Turkey Red jsy #TRR-CJ (grey)
-2005 Topps Turkey Red jsy black #TRR-CJ (white—36/50)
-2007 UD Masterpieces Captured on Canvas jsy (white)
-2008 UD POH Stadium Scenes red jsy (grey)
-2008 Topps Allen and Ginter jsy (red)*
-2007 Sweet Spot Sweet Swatch mem jsy (white)
-2004 Topps Series Stitches auth. Game-worn uni. (grey)*
-2004 Donruss Elite All-Time Career Best game-used bat #AT-38 (275/400)
-2008 Sweet Spot Sweet Swatch Mem. (grey)
-2002 Flair Jersey Heights (white)
-2008 Topps All-Star stitches jsy (grey)*
-2005 Leaf Road jsy (grey)
-2009 Topps Unique Prime Time patches jsy (Red—04/99)
-2001 Fleer E/X Wall of Game (piece of wall-blue)*
-2004 SPx Winning Matls game worn jsy/practice jsy (white-blue) NFT
-2009 UD Icons Lettermen “E” (27/35)
-2008 UD Ballpark Collection Six-Swatch Mem. Teixeira(Braves-white jsy)+Chipper(bat)+C.Delgado(mets-Grey jsy)+Moises Alou(Giants-cream jsy)+J.Willingham(Marlins white w/ black pinstripe jsy)+Dan Uggla(Marlins white jsy)*
2008 UD Premier Premier Combos Patch Vernon Wells (Blue Jays-blue/baby blue/blue/white)+Chipper (grey/navy/red/navy)

-2003 Ultimate Collection Game-used jsy (Navy—05/10) NFT
-2004 Fleer Platinum Name-plates patch (white/red—066/420)NFT
-2001 Fleer Final Cut jsy (white w/ navy pinstripe)*
-2009 Topps Tribute relics blue jsy (white—56/75)
2004 Fleer Sweet Sigs game-used bat/MLB logo (1/1)NFT

-2008 SP Legendary Cuts Generations Memorabilia M. Schmidt/Chipper (baby blue/grey)*
-2008 SP Legendary Cuts Generations Memorabilia Eddie Murray/Chipper (orange/grey)*-2007 UD Elements Dual Mem. Elements Chipper/Andruw Jones (grey/white—24/50)NFT
2008 SPx Winning Trios Limited triple patch Chipper (red/navy)+Rolen (Cards-Red/navy)+A.Ramirez (Cubs-blue)--(17/25)N
-2003 Fleer Longball Threats Chipper/Helton (Chipper jsy grey)NFT